The Beginning

I have had a lot of dead air time in my life – I walk my dogs, wash dishes, do the laundry, and I pull footage for video editing as a huge part of my work. All of us have time like this in our lives. And then I, like many others, listened to Serial. My life was changed forever.

Dead air is a thing of the past.

My phone battery dies around 3pm if I don’t recharge before then. I had to switch from the app Overcast to the app Pocketcast because Overcast crashed consistently under the number of downloads I had. I can’t let my podcast app auto download episodes because I would run out of space on my phone instantly.

I am currently subscribed to 237 different podcasts. I listen to at least 3 podcast episodes a day, but on a good day I’ll get through 10 or so.

All of this, and I have never written a review for any of the podcasts I love. As time has gone on, I realize now that I need to give back to the producers and hosts who have given me so much. My intention is to post my reviews on iTunes, where it will make a difference for these shows, and to post the reviews here as well. I can’t imagine that I will write many negative reviews – I try to give every show’s first and most recent episodes a listen before I write it off, but if I don’t like a show I just don’t go back. I hope that this blog will act as a recommendations list to people looking for new shows. I plan to write mainly reviews of the overall shows, but if there’s a particularly amazing episode I may do a highlight review for it, and I may throw in a few odd posts about best podcast practices that I have noticed as a audience member, as well as posts about podcast networks and their style, goals, and what’s good and bad about having podcasts networked in this way.

I have a husband, two dogs, and a lot of dying plants. I’m going to school and I co-own a video production company with my husband.

Let’s listen.